Learn by doing

Scouting is such a memorable life experience because it isn’t a classroom model; it’s practical self-education. We bring that spirit to learning kink and vanilla skills. Join with other members in hands-on practice and projects to earn your merit badges!

The Austin Little Scouts are a kink (alternative sex & sexuality) group for Age Players based on a scout troop model, with earned merit badges, parties, and regular social and educational meetings.

In 2013 at SWLC, I attended Race Bannon’s class on “Kink Self-Education”, in which he questioned the prevalence of the classroom model in what it is we do. It made a huge impression on me, and I soon realized that everything classrooms get wrong, scouting gets right.

Brett, Founder

Every one knows that by the peculiar cunning of their gills, the finny tribes in general breathe the air which at all times is combined with the element in which they swim; hence, a herring or a cod might live a century, and never once raise its head above the surface.

Sadie Mazokitten, Co-Founder