Little Scouts day at Disney!



I received this top secret communique from my San Francisco scoutmaster colleague, BunnyPrincess:

Hey there again Brett! Over in SF we just had our first official Little scouts event, and it worked out great! We all did a scavenger hunt at the Pride parade! I was wondering how your meet-ups go in Austin?
Also, I wanted to invite you and any other Little scouts/Animal players to a trip we have planned in the future. I am not sure if you guys know, but Disneyland has gay days on Oct. 3rd-5th. We thought it would be a great idea to do a “little scout jubilee” on October 4th, and members of both an SF troop and an LA troop are going to be there. We would love to see even more ageplayers from around America come! even if you can’t go, I would appreciate it if you spread the word or made an announcement to others in your community.
Here is the event!

Will any of us, by chance, be out that way in October? I know that littlesamsara and I may be at Camp Abdulia!

Please do check out our sister group and their event!

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