Troop 696 Fall Overview

Hi all!

Although Troop696 was founded with age players and animal players in mind, we’ve been flexible on that from the beginning, and have now made that explicit in our charter: the group is open to any community member in good standing who is interested in kink self-education.

While there’s no obligation for participants to wear club colors (troop number patch) or pursue merit badges, those who wish to take those steps can.

Here’s what’s coming up for the Troop this Fall. We’ll:

  • support the Chain Drive, especially with Mr. Austin GEAR, Rainbow in the Dark, and Mr Austin Leather coming up fast!
  • continue the current kink education theme with more practice and interactions on cigar play
  • hold office hours at local munches (announced here and on our site) beyond the age play social, to be more available to participants and anyone interested
  • coordinate Troop activities for local parties, for badge requirements and for fun
  • conduct at least one more out-of-town field trip

If you’re interested, we’d love to hear from you!

To stay in the loop, join our Fetlife group and watch the calendar here at or on the Austin Community Calendar!


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