Marfa Lights

Marfa is a place that is a mecca for artists and art critics.  As a student, my first trip there was a right of passage.  We studied Donald Judd’s work in modern and contemporary art classes, and personally the ‘squares’ can not really be appreciated until you see them in person.  The quality of craftsmanship is breathtaking especially in context to the landscape of the vast Texas desert.  Marfa has a interesting history: German soldiers were held there in internment camps during World World II, several movies were shot there, but most iconic are the mysterious Marfa lights that have appeared unexplained for over 200 years.  Since Judd purchased land for his home and installations, the town has been a place for people to gather in the art world to appreciate a rich history of art as well as contemporary galleries and makers.


One of my favorite places to visit is Prada Marfa, a symbol of unobtainable wealth standing in stark contrast of the abject poverty that is traditionally prevalent in the area.  Many businesses in Marfa are expensive boutiques and galleries that cater to the weekend crowd, but remain closed otherwise.  They seem somewhat out of place, but also extraordinary.


I earned this badge merely by travel, and physically picked it up at El Cosmico.  I feel the experience and endurance of the drive make it well deserved.