The definition of “gear” has really expanded over the years. It’s not just vests, levis, and cruising caps anymore, but also sportswear. I’ve seen guys in football uniforms, or wrestling singlets! Others wear leather suspenders, and there’s occasionally western wear, or a military look. Others simply make a point of wearing the boots they’d like polished, and get in line for the bootblack chair. I’m sure that with the growing interest in Pup play in the leather community, and the new Austin Puppy Mosh event, we’ll see some pup gear, too.
Of course, whatever you feel good in is the right answer; people of all shapes, sizes, and gear styles mix and have a good time. I just wanted to let everyone know that first Saturday is it! Gear night is Dec 6, 10 pm.
I’ll be coming back from Arlington that evening, and I’m all in favor of several of us showing up to participate in the Austin leather community. Many older people’s stories about getting started in leather begin with their showing up at a bar, again, and again. :)
If you have questions about leather bars or gear, please comment!

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