Update for Remote Scouts + New Event Calendar

Troop 696 is Austin’s leather scout troop for age players and animal players, but open to anyone who enjoys a light-hearted approach to kink self-education. (The group was inspired by Race Bannon’s class on kink self-education at SWLC 2014)

Remote members
We’ve built out the Troop 696 monthly calendar. It has eight recurring events, three of which are online, and so are accessible to REMOTE scouts! Finally, anyone, anywhere, with a good internet connection (and Google+) can participate in troop events!

NOTE: We’ve also made very significant updates to the scout manual, to install rank progression. This will be especially important for remote members. We’re working to expand it daily, but it already contains material to get you through your number patch, first merit badge, and first rank patch!

If you’d like to get started, just click the “Want to join?” link on our website, troop696.com.

Of the three events occurring at the Chain Drive, we host only one — Office Hours. The other two are Austin GEARS events we want the troop to be aware of, and which we’ll often attend together (feel free to post seeking carpools). Two other events are existing local Age Play events we host, one a local in-person meet-up, and another online. Finally, we will begin a monthly Workspace event for Pets (write, sew, research, craft together) at a venue TBD, and also maintain our regular monthly in-person get-together for a craft item, slumber party, workshop, field trip, or presenter.

  • First Thursday: In-person Troop Office Hours (Chain Drive)
  • First Saturday: Austin Gears Gear Night (Chain Drive)
  • Second Thursday: Online Troop Office Hours (Google+ Hangout)
  • Third Wednesday: Pet Craft Workspace (venue TBD)
  • Third Thursday: Ageplay Austin Social (Google+ Hangout)
  • Third Saturday: Austin Gears Cigar Social (Chain Drive)
  • Fourth Saturday afternoon: craft / field trip / presenter / workshop (in person + Google+ Hangout)
  • Fourth Sunday: Ageplay Austin Social (Dart Bowl)

All of these are shown on the troop calendar at https://troop696.com/calendar (you can subscribe to it), and can also be seen on the Austin Community Calendar at http://abdsmcommunity.info/calendar.html. I’ll also be creating Fetlife events and recurring Google+ events for our group there.

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