2/12: Online troop web meeting

Our leather scout troop for animal and age players (and anyone else who sees that as basically their scene) has undergone an exciting evolution!

Now, you no longer need to be in Austin! As a pet, fur, little, ADBL, doll, clown — or whatever it is you identify as — you can follow the scout manual (posted online) and participate via monthly web conference and our site, http://troop696.com, to define your projects, work on them with other scouts, and earn actual rank and merit badges, just by putting some structure around the activities and groups you’re already pursuing.

It’s also a way to learn a bit about an interesting kink subculture that has conferences (and cool bars) all around the country.

If you’re interested, join this web conference event! Our monthly virtual meeting is held the second Thursday of each month at 7pm CST at https://plus.google.com/hangouts/_/gqb3v22z3a427tepzvg5s3y6oma

(Note: you must have activated Google+ on a Google account to participate. This doesn’t require you to be a gmail user!)

Notifications will be posted to the website (troop696.com), the private Google+ page, and Fetlife.

1. Welcome new attendees
2. Take attendance by name/rank
3. Site roster review
4. Recite the Scout Oath
5. Project reports / major items logged
6. Award badges/rank
7. Badge proposals
8. Upcoming events (carpooling & partnering up)
9. Other topics (ponies, etc)

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