Medical Play Camp Day, 6/27, 1pm!

Our leather scout troop for animal and age players (and anyone else who sees that as basically their scene) is dedicated to practical kink self-education! Scouts everywhere can participate via web conferences and, pursue the skills that interest them in a structured way, and earn rank and merit badges!

June’s troop event is on the theme of MEDICAL PLAY, and will include a professional to guide our practice! This event is open to everyone with good standing in the community, but individual RSVP (a message to the organizer, either at or LTD on Fetlife) is required!


  • Learn routine exams (language, physical skills)
  • Practice with a variety of scopes, retractors, and specula

Other hands-on topics to pick from:

  • Q&A, on all tools and medical topics
  • “Forced incontinence and you”: a diaper panel & workshop
  • Therapeutic stapling
  • Limb and body plaster casting

Occurring the same time:

  • Cartoons & kids movies in the TV room
  • Nursery space for board games and other unstructured play
  • Swing set and smoking area outside
  • Grill for your meats!

Things to bring:

  • Favorite toys, games for the nursery
  • Favorite medical instruments
  • Gloves
  • Diapers, especially if you want to practice or bottom in a diapering panel
  • A blanket or pillow for the floor
  • Video options for the movie room
  • Food, if you want (beverages provided)

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