Saturday Morning Cartoons Event Notes

Here’s some notes from today’s Saturday Morning Cartoons meeting. Great to see so many people come out, and thanks again to Sadie_Mazokitten and Gremm for hosting! If I missed anything, or you have items to add, please comment below.

Events that were already on the docket:

  • Gear Nights (Austin GEARS leather nights)
  • Monthly web meetings
  • Cat Café trip
  • Weiner Dog Races
  • South Plains Leatherfest

Events that you guys suggested:

  • Ryden: Mount Playmore, Austin Fair & Rodeo (Mar 12-20)
  • Sadie: game nights
  • Mud_xty: backyard party / obstacle course / slip n’ slide
  • Brett: Running Man watching (projector, hookah, etc.)
  • Alex: Mass nerf gun event
  • MercenaryMistress: Kickball, Schlitterbahn, Ageplay Camp
  • MommyLucy: Play for All Abilities park

Some workshops coming up:

  • Cocktail mixing class
  • Intro to Leather
  • Bike maintenance
  • Medical play camp

Other topics:

  • We went over some upcoming merit badges we’ll be pursuing (see the thread)
  • Mentioned the redesigned website, blog, online patch store, Tumblr, twitter
  • We’ll make a sticky thread in the Fetlife group for ride shares
  • The group needs officers, particularly those interested in coordinating events, managing social media, photography, or doing web outreach (SEO/PPC)

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