August wrap-up + September

Great discussion and party in August!

We had a terrific time, and were super happy that you guys did, too! You brought great food and drinks, and people played on almost every piece of equipment. There was whipping, spanking, needles, pegging, fisting, tutus and other cute outfits, and lots of diaper changes.

The AgePlay Round Table discussion / Tea Party was also a great success; thank you for all your insights, and thank you, Sarah, for cutting all those sandwiches into triangles!

Diaper Pissing contest results (by weight):
The competition diaper was a Medium ABU Inspire (weight: 205g). Contestants were issued a new diaper at midnight and given five minutes; any leaks would disqualify the contestant. (None were disqualified.)

  • 1st place: 989g
  • 2nd place: 799g
  • 3rd place: 556g
  • 4th place: 424g
  • 5th place: 313g

Meanest Use of Cage Award goes to:
Me, for stapling my poor slave into the cage before whips, paddle, knife, stun gun, and three lollipops)

We also had several scavenger hunt entries, all of whom received an ice pop. Special thanks to ruh_roh for her art skills on the Play Wanted board!

Upcoming Local Ageplay Events:

  • 09/07: Austin Little Scouts Gene Wilder Wonka-themed Movie Night
  • 09/17: Austin Ageplay Social Arts & Crafts Playtime
  • 09/24: Medical Ageplay Class & Play Party hosted by Temple’s Touch of Leather
  • 09/24: Midnight Tea Party at Touch of Leather
  • 09/25: Monthly Austin Ageplay Social
  • 10/05: Austin Little Scouts Board Game Night
  • 10/22: Austin Little Scout Tea Party + Spanking class
  • 10/22: Austin Little Scouts October Dark Ageplay Play Party

(This isn’t meant to be a complete list. Please keep your eye on the Austin Ageplayers Fetlife Group for event announcements!)

Tickets for Touch of Leather
Great news! The Austin Little Scouts have been graciously invited by MizLilly, leader of Temple-based kink group Touch of Leather, to join them for their September back-to-school-themed party. This theme invites everyone to play the parts (as they like) of school boys, girls, teachers and principals, etc.

While not an ageplay-only party, it’s a great theme for age players, and in keeping with the theme, I will do a presentation and demo (“Medical Ageplay”) at 7 pm, to be followed by the play party (with scavenger hunt) at 8:30, and then there will also be a late-night tea party!

Note: Touch of Leather’s venue has an amazing basement dungeon that is not to be missed. I have never seen anything else like it. While this party isn’t free, you don’t have to drive to Temple or Waco to get tickets; Brett can sell them to you. Contact him to arrange a time to meet up. Represent the Austin Little Scouts: come out and play!!

Soft (Re)Launch of Ageplay Austin Chatroom
Over two years ago, we launched an Austin Ageplay community chat channel on Google+ Hangouts. This wasn’t an ideal solution, and since then, we’ve researched and tested many others, and have determined that the best app for our purposes is KakaoGroup. While the app is Korean in origin, it’s in English and easy to use.

This is a soft launch for us to try it out together before creating scheduled events (like a monthly community group chat) and advertising it more widely.

It’s possible that we’ll also launch an Austin Little Scouts Group Chat Channel in the future, too, but for now, please give this channel a shot!

  1. Install the KakaoGroup app (from Apple App Store or Google Play store), or, for your computer, from
  2. Open the app, then sign up and create your profile within it.
  3. Access this link:

Earning Merit Badges + Patch Art Needed

Thank you to mermaidgrrl for her thread on earning badges!

Please post your own reply in the thread, with your own ideas for what skill or accomplishment you want to work on with other little scouts! We can create events based around your interests and make time at parties to practice and learn together.

Further, to simplify presenting and wearing badges, we will design custom badges for the Austin Little Scouts covering five skill categories:

  • Community
  • Crafting
  • Kink
  • Courage
  • Service

So, if you learn Flogging, you can earn your Kink Skill patch. (And if you later learn Needle Play, for example, you can add a pin to the patch to signify that it’s doubled.)

With a consistent stock on hand, we can present merit badge patches and the troop number patches in person, and also make them available on our eBay store.

(If you would like to submit a design or idea for the art for any of our five categories, please contact Brett directly.)

Other Notes

  • The Fetlife Group is no longer “Troop 696” but “Austin Little Scouts”
  • I’ve updated the “About” section on our website to include sections on our vetting and “safe space” policy.
  • If you would be interested in hosting an event at your home or another venue, please send your proposal to Brett.
  • If you would be interested in a volunteer role with the Austin Little Scouts (ie, event coordinator, blogger/social media czar, official photographer, etc.), please contact Brett directly.
  • Don’t forget to write Brett about tickets to the ToL Party on 9/24, and check out that carpool thread!

See you soon!

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