Austin Gear Night this Saturday, 1/2/16!

Austin GEARS is essentially a leather club broadened to welcome more kinds of fetish wear. You see a lot of harnesses, boots, kilts, leather armbands. They meet monthly in a venue that has a cigar-friendly outdoor area. More about the group:

Austin Gears is a social organization in Austin, TX which promotes individuality and self-expression of its members and in the larger community through the display, exhibition, and celebration of fetish gear in a non-judgmental and encouraging environment.

The Austin GEARS social group connects other gear heads (leather, rubber, neoprene, etc.) and informs them about various gear events in Austin, regionally and across the country. On the first Saturday of every month, we have a gear night at the Badlands.

From the original event on Facebook:

Please join the men of Austin Gears for “Gear Night” on January 2, our monthly social gathering starting at 10pm at Badlands Austin.¬†Gear Night is a safe zone and welcoming of everyone in the community.

What is gear? Whatever turns you on and makes you feel sexy…that is gear!

Austin Gears has two simple guidelines:
1) You can wear whatever gear you like — even if there’s a theme. Participating in street clothes is fine too.
2) Gear Night is a safe zone where people can express themselves with no fear of persecution. No one has a perfect body or perfect gear, so negative comments about someone’s physique or gear is highly discouraged.

There is plenty of free parking along the streets surrounding the bar. We will have our regular clothes check up and running.

See y’all there!

September Webmeeting 9/10, 7 pm CST!

Our leather scout troop for animal and age players (and anyone else who sees that as basically their scene) isn’t confined to Texas! You can participate via monthly web conference to put some structure around pursuing the skills that interest you, earning rank and merit badges for them.

Link to join conference: (link)

1. Welcome new attendees
2. Take attendance by name/rank
3. Site roster review
4. Project reports / major items logged
5. Award badges/rank
6. Badge proposals
7. Upcoming events (carpooling & partnering up)
8. Other topics (ponies, etc)

hey everyone!

My name is Paige aka daddyimaprincess on fl :) I’m 22 and I’m SO EXCITED TO MEET EVERYONE AND DO ALLL THE THINGS! Hopefully I can start on a badge soon. Any tips anyone has would be great and I can’t wait to talk to everyone!

Medical Play Camp Day, 6/27, 1pm!

Our leather scout troop for animal and age players (and anyone else who sees that as basically their scene) is dedicated to practical kink self-education! Scouts everywhere can participate via web conferences and, pursue the skills that interest them in a structured way, and earn rank and merit badges!

June’s troop event is on the theme of MEDICAL PLAY, and will include a professional to guide our practice! This event is open to everyone with good standing in the community, but individual RSVP (a message to the organizer, either at or LTD on Fetlife) is required!


  • Learn routine exams (language, physical skills)
  • Practice with a variety of scopes, retractors, and specula

Other hands-on topics to pick from:

  • Q&A, on all tools and medical topics
  • “Forced incontinence and you”: a diaper panel & workshop
  • Therapeutic stapling
  • Limb and body plaster casting

Occurring the same time:

  • Cartoons & kids movies in the TV room
  • Nursery space for board games and other unstructured play
  • Swing set and smoking area outside
  • Grill for your meats!

Things to bring:

  • Favorite toys, games for the nursery
  • Favorite medical instruments
  • Gloves
  • Diapers, especially if you want to practice or bottom in a diapering panel
  • A blanket or pillow for the floor
  • Video options for the movie room
  • Food, if you want (beverages provided)

Leather & Laces: Austin 5/25 Troop Field Trip!

This month, the posted local event for the troop is a leather care event!

If you’d like to attend (working on a badge or just interested!), then you can see me to borrow some supplies from the troop’s bootblacking kit, or I can share links with you for getting basics together for your own leather care kit, VERY cheaply.

Please PM cami_girl on Fetlife for location info. Her original post:

Austin Leather and Laces meets on a monthly basis to discuss bootblacking and leather care. All levels of interest and experience are welcome. This is a resource for materials, advice, information related to bootblacking and leather care with hands on experience. We encourage peer to peer learning as this is an information sharing group.

Our next meeting will be on Sunday, May 24th from 12-2pm. In light of the holiday weekend, this meeting will be at our home for a more casual and fun bootblacking social time. Please PM me for details.

And as always, bring your current project or something you need to get started on!

Brett pursuing Medical Play Badge via plaster casting!

As I said in the meeting, I’d like to apply my recent hands-on experience with plaster casting toward the practice portion of a medical play badge.

I have already received face-to-face mentorship on the topic (from Maitre Steffan, in Austin), have done quite a bit of medical play already, and have taught classes on medical ageplay and medical staples, so my plan is to do another plaster casting practice session — ideally with another Scout, Little Twisted Kim — and then come up with a project or presentation, to finish it off.

Then I’ll tell the troop what I did, in a future meeting, order the badge, and sew it on. If any other scouts in my area would like to coordinate something related, or be a part of the final project, let me know!

Austin Cardboard Fort Party 4/25, 9-4

Check out these cardboard castle construction rivets!

You can also make vehicles and other things. You can then play in the fort, watch movies in it (I have a projector), and fight battles against the people on the playscape nearby.

I can now host events at my house in Round Rock, and I’d like to start with this one. I’m providing the space (with swing-set!), the connectors for the cardboard, and not charging for the event, but it can’t happen without a couple people’s help. In descending order of importance, we’ll need:

  • washer/dryer or refrigerator boxes
  • paint!
  • a grill and fuel
  • food to cook

(RSVP Link)

(Discussion Link)

Note: if it rains, we’ll do the project inside.