Chatroom FAQ

Q: Is this a private chatroom?
A: No, it’s for the central TX age play community. You can share the link (below) with anyone. It’s not for only littles, or only people under 35, or for only people in this or that group.

Q: Should I be the guy who signs in at 4 am to tell the channel he’s horny?
A: No, you should not be that guy. It’s a social channel.

Q: So I signed up, but I want to change my display name.
A: Easily done in your channel settings. Look for the gear or three-dots icons, or click on the channel icon or a pull-down menu next to it.

Q: How do I join the Austin Ageplay Social chat, or invite others?
A: It’s hosted by a service called GroupMe. You can sign in to GroupMe on the web, download the mobile app, receive messages as texts, or any combination of those you like. The “join” link is

Q: How do I stop getting GroupMe messages on my phone?
A: If you’re using a browser, look for the “Settings” gear icon (or a cluster of three dots), which appears in different places onscreen depending on which screen you’re on and which platform/app you’re using. Within that menu, enable “Office Mode” or “Mute”. If you’re using a mobile device, the Settings Menu has options to disable SMS delivery, customize notifications, etc.

Q: Does the room have a static link?
A: No. You just log into and “AustinAgeplaySocial” will be among your chats.

Q: I signed in, but no one seemed to be online and chatting. When is it busier?
A: It’s sporadic throughout the day but picks up in the evenings, and there are often at least a couple people on quite late.

Q: I signed in, but people seem to be busy roleplaying. Is this a roleplay channel?
A: Not exactly, but sometimes there’ll be spates of more-roleplay-less-conversation among the regulars. You’re not interrupting anything by starting a different conversation at the same time in the channel; having 2-3 conversations going at once is normal.

Q: I’m seeing a lot of talk about diapers. I’m not that kind of age player, and I’m tired of being pressured by other age players to try them.  Is this chat room only for those who use diapers?
A: Not at all. The room is here for you, regardless of your specific age play “age” or interests. Long stretches of diaper discussion do come and go in the chat room, but so do long conversations about video games, music, and other kinds of fetish clothing/toys. To meet people who share your interests, please do speak up about what you like, even if there are already other conversations going on in the room. And, everyone should respect your saying “I’m not into that, I like ___ and ___.”

Q: Is this a good place to find a little/mommy/daddy?
A: It’s a social channel, so the goal is getting to know people, having fun, and building community. But, if you make friends, network, and have fun in a variety of places, it can improve your chances of finding whatever kind of partner it is you’re seeking.

Q: Something needs moderating. How do I alert a moderator?
A: Within GroupMe, look through the Members of the channel and find the user “Mod_Brett”, with a small blue “moderator” icon at the top of the user photo, then click on that photo to send a message. Or, if you begin a normal message in the channel with “@Mod_” and select the moderator from the list, he’ll receive a notification.