Explorer Scout (second rank)

Previous Rank: Kink Scout

With your  rank complete, this second scout rank focuses on understanding, joining, and exploring the Leather/BDSM community. Here’s an overview of this rank:

Introduction to the Merit Badge categories

  1. Kink: Fetishes (like Age Play, or specific clothing, or other practices), kinky Relationship Dynamics (like D/s, Handler/pup, and Big/little), and BDSM techniques (like needle play, piss play, or impact play).
  2. Crafting:
  3. Service:
  4. Community:
  5. Courage:

Suggested location for troop and rank patches, based on traditional vest placement

Discretion + outing

Consent & Negotiation

Bootblacking & Basic Leather Care

STIs and Social stigmas

Two films on Leather

Earning your second and third Merit Badges

Assist a newer Little Scout in pursuing a badge