Getting Started

Troop Overview

Troop 696 is a kink (sex & sexuality) group based on a scout troop model, mostly with age players and animal players in mind, with uniform elements, earned merit badges, workshops, and regular online meetings.

Yeah, people really do this!


Scouts are dedicated to learning, spreading good practices, and building community.. but kink and leather are fun, too! With scouting, you’ll have support in exploring a world of radical sexuality.

The official mission statement is:

  1. To have fun!
  2. To support each other in pursuing project-based kink self-education
  3. To provide a fun, unconventional gateway to Leather for animal players, age players, and anyone else interested

How it works:

Scouting doesn’t displace your other groups or activities, but it influences how you participate in them. Any time scouts are learning by doing, we record our activities in our logbooks. By adding some structure to what we’re already doing, and working with fellow scouts, we earn badges!

Basic Participation, Ranks, and Merit Badges

What level of involvement is best for you? At its most basic, you can simply wear the troop number and join in some activities. Some scouts also pursue Ranks, which signify that they’ve been exposed to a variety of basic information and have undertaken community activity, and Merit Badges, which signify their in-depth project work.

Who it’s for

While it’s geared first to Age and Animal Players, anyone who prefers a light-hearted approach to kink self-education is welcome to join Troop 696. Participants must be legal adults who are comfortable with themes of sex and sexuality.

Troop 696 has an explicit sexual and BDSM orientation. If maintaining a regressed, non-sexual headspace is important to you, we can refer you to a less adult-oriented sister scout troop.

Do I have to be involved in Leather?

No, but anyone interested may pursue the optional Leather elements, if they wish, using the troop as an entry point to an interesting kink subculture with conferences and clubs around the world.

Why the emphasis on “project-based self-education”?

In 2013, we attended Southwest Leather Conference (SWLC) in Phoenix, and attended Race Bannon’s class on “Kink Self-Education”, in which he questioned the prevalence of the classroom model in what we do. It made a huge impression on us.

Scouting often stands out in a person’s early life, because they really did something! That hands-on experience outperformed our classroom education, and created more meaningful memories and community. So, our goal is to get back to what works! We support individual scouts in 1) meeting skilled people, 2) practicing the skill or craft together, 3) performing or constructing a showpiece demonstration, then 4) relating their work to their fellow scouts.

So, no classes?
There are classes, but the emphasis is on hands-on workshops. Most  presentations aren’t hands-on, so would be considered research material, not practice. You can log both research and practice hours toward merit badges.

What is leather?
Leather is about sexual radicals asserting their identity, with a dose of hierarchy and the trappings of classic rebel masculinity. We inherited it from various tribes of sexual pioneers who had to stick together. Radical sexuality is ongoing today, though it’s styled differently now, with varying degrees of brother- and sisterhood. You still enter leather the same way as always: show up, stick around, be respectful, listen, and HAVE FUN.

Why 696?
Why stop at two? Littles are small.

Getting Started

Just follow our Google Calendar and RSVP for the in-person or online events that are right for you. You can start the process of pursuing a rank or merit badge at any time.. or never! It’s up to you.

Supporters and friends of the group are welcome to wear the troop number, but for scouts it’s essential! Your 696 patch can be worn on a cap, on a shirt-sleeve or above the left pocket, on a sash, or on a vest (left side).

Here are some suggested gear items, if you’d like to think about how to wear your troop number: tactical shirt, garrison cap, neck scarf / neckerchief, sash


  • Order your Troop696 patch (link to eBay store)
  • Attach your patch to a piece of gear for display!

Stay engaged with by joining with us on Fetlife (and also Tumblr, Twitter, and WordPress, and the Google Calendar!)

We look forward to seeing you at meetings and events as a supporter, participant, and/or scout, but if you choose to begin earning Scout Ranks — Kink Scout, Explorer Scout, and the Leather Scout — continue to the next section!